Actress Park Shin-hye, shows off Korea’s charm to Asia



Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye dedicates herself to promoting Korea’s hidden charms.

Park Shin-hye is currently working as a model for Visa’s Not A Tourist campaign, which promotes Korea’s hidden charms to tourists in the Asian region and abroad.

In the Not a Tourist advertisement Park Shin-hye shows off Korea’s unique tourist destinations such as Bukchon Hanok Village, ddeokbokggi (stir-fried rice cake) from a traditional market, Hangang Park, and small back alley cafes, to foreign tourists. The campaign helps to get people out of the museum type areas and the usual tourist traps, and shows people the charming features you can see in everyday Korean life, in an enjoyable manner.

The long list of stars previously chosen to work as Visa’s brand ambassador include Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere, and Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi(Chinese actress) and famous soccer plays Zinedine Zidane and Paulo Rossi. Park Shin-hye is the latest and first Korean brand ambassador for Visa.


Park Shin-hye

For this campaign Visa was looking for a Korean wave actor with a solid fan base across Asia. After Park Shin-hye was chosen, fan began looking forward to her effectively communicating Korea’s natural charm across the world.

Head of Visa Korea, Iain Jamieson said “In this advertising campaign Visa hopes to promote the local tourism industry of Korea. We also hope that it brings tourists from around the world to see Korea as a premiere tourist destination. We are extending are Visa-Shin-hye contract, due to the great influence and popularity seen by the Korean wave in the Asian region.”

Park Shin-hye as recently surpassed 10 million followers on Chinese social media site Weibo. The ad is expected to cover almost th entire Asia region starting in Hong Kong and goes to China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by S.A.L.T. Entertainment

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