Actress Hong Soo Hyun and rapper MicroDot confirmed to be dating


Hong Soo Hyun's agency, Contents Y, confirmed that Hong Soo Hyun and MicroDot are dating.

On July 1, Hong Soo Hyun’s agency, Contents Y, confirmed that Hong Soo Hyun and MicroDotare dating. The agency said, “They got to know each other through an entertainment program, and they recently began dating. They are getting to know each other more with good feelings.”

The two appeared on ‘City Fishers’ together, which aired in October last year. Hong Soo Hyunappeared as the first female guest of the show, and she received 1:1 fishing tutoring from MicroDotMicroDot was not able to hide his smile in front of the beautiful actress.

The couple has an age gap of 12 years, as Hong Soo Hyun was born in 1981 and MicroDot in 1993.

In June, MicroDot had nominated Hong Soo Hyun for the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge.


[Image source: MicroDot Instagram]