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On the 16th KingKong Entertainment made an official post, sharing some behind the scenes photos taken of Lee Kwang-soo, in his recent photo shoot with the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

In the pictures Lee Kwang-soo can be seen looking fly, wearing a classy white dress shirt. His matching grey pin-stripe pants show off an understated style. He rounds it off with a loose black tie, and partially rolled up sleeves, that make the ladies’ hearts flutter.

Lee Kwang-soo’s manly face and superior height complete his look of a real fashionista. Often the topic of conversation owing to his refined fashion, he looks as if he comes from a family of trendsetters. Today being no exception, all the staff complemented him on his perfect style according to rumors.

In Lee Kwang-soo’s movie Collective Invention (directed by Kwon Oh-kwang) he received a lot of positive attention both domestically and internationally. Lee Kwang-soo will return to the small screen in the SBS drama Pock! (퍽!) written by Yoon Hyun-Ho and directed by Lee Kwang-young. Lee Kwang-soo undergoes a transformation from fish-person Park Goo, to loan-shark Jo Junman, in the much anticipated drama Pock!

Lee Kwang-soo is currently shooting the SBS drama Pock! which is expected to be broadcast in the second half of 2016.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by KingKong Entertainment

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