Actor Lee kwang-soo meets fans in Myeongdong



Actor Lee Kwang-soo(nick named the Prince of Asia) gave special fan service at a Myeongdong signing event. The Prince of Asia, is very popular in the Sino-sphere, receiving much love when he visited the Claire’s Korea store in the new 9Complex in Myeongdong. There were over 100 Chinese fans at the signing event.

In the released pictures Lee Kwang-soo can be seen signing autographs, as well as getting up from his chair to take a selfie with a fan. He greeted all the fans that came from China to Korea to meet him, sharing handshakes and hugs. Fans were impressed by his kind and warm appearance.

On this day, crowds thronged Lee Kwang-soo as soon as he appeared. The event location was choked full of people in an instant. Of course, there were many Koreans in Myeongdong in addition to the foreign tourists. It was a very global scene that Korean wave star Lee Kwang-soo appeared at.

At this event the attending Chinese fans, came to see Claire’s Korea model Lee Kwang-soo who is promoted in both the Korean and Chinese regions. Some lucky Chinese fans who were visiting on a four-day three-night tour of Korea, got to see Lee Kwang-soo’s limited edition face.

Lee Kwang-soo will appear on SBS’s Pock! which is being broadcast in the second half of the year.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by King Kong Entertainment

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