A Dramatic Night (movie) releases an angry expression poster



A Dramatic Night’s Yoon Kye-sang and Han Ye-ri release a special poster, in which unlike in the main poster, contains funny angry expressions.

December’s only romantic comedy movie, A Dramatic Night is produced by The Yeonwoo Theatre Company and Storage, distributed by CGV Arthouse and directed by Ha Ki-ho. A Dramatic Night recently released a special Pepero Day themed poster.

This movie is about a man and woman meet each other and have a fling, after both getting dumped by their respective lovers. Following their one night fling, they end up talking to getting to know each other, setting the stage for the romantic comedy A Dramatic Night. For Pepero Day, which is on November 11 (11/11 looks like the Pepero snacks), the spurned lovers revealed a special poster.

In the released special poster, the in movie prototypical spurned lovers Yoon Kye-sang and Han Ye-ri can be seen welcoming Pepero Day(a couples holiday) with their unique expressions.


A Dramatic Night’s primary poster.

On November 11th (11/11) couples and friends give each other the stick shaped candy for Pepero Day. On this day he who did not receive any Pepero Yoon Kye-sang makes a contorted face. And Han Ye-ri makes an uncaring expression as she nibbles on a Pepero. The poster grabs your attention and makes you laugh.

You can feel that those two are sick of their partner loving them less through their expressions.

The movie A Dramatic Night comes out in December.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Pictures by CGV Arthouse

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