The QUEEN forces RAON to take her clothes off in front of YEONG! [Love in the Moonlight]


Hong Raon is about to have her true identity revealed because of the queen.

The queen finds out that Raon has a dress in her room. Not being able to stop thinking how mysterious she is, the queen goes to see her again.

As soon as she sees Raon, she yells out, “Are you saying this does not belong to you? You don’t have to answer back. Just take off your clothes!”

Prince Yeong rushes back to the palace after hearing that Raon is in trouble. As he sees his lover shivering with fear, he cannot contain his anger.

With a firm attitude, he tells her to do as the queen says. Both the queen and Raon didn’t expect this answer. Will Raon end up unveiling her identity?

[Love in the Moonlight]

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