4Minute’s ‘Hate’ Was Introduced on Beats1


[by Kim Young Shin] Girl group 4Mitune’s new song ‘Hate’ aired on Beats1, a popular online radio station provided by Apple Music.

The title song of the group’s 7th mini album was broadcasted worldwide on February 5 at 8:30am KST as a ‘Beats1 Banger’, which is the title given to the recommended songs. It was played in more than 100 countries including the United States. Group 4Minute’s activities as well as its song was introduced to its listeners.

Beats1 is a core content of Apple Music. Famous DJs from around the United States select noteworthy hits and play it on the radio for all day long through the station. DJ Ebro Darden, who usually recommends trendy songs in New York, featured ‘Hate’ on his show.

He complimented the music by saying “This song ‘Hate’ has been produced by Skrillex. There’s massive features guerilla. It is a mash-up, if I ever heard a mash-up. It’s just like genre after genre after genre. It sounds so good.”

He also noticed the enthusiastic responses from the fans. He said, “My Timeline on Twitter is going insane right now.” He added, “I’m looking at their fan base right now on my social media it is going crazy”.

4Minute’s song got recognitions because the collaboration of worldly renowned DJ Skrillex and a K-pop artist drew attention from music lovers from all over the world. Naturally, they paid attention to the group’s song ‘Hate’. Subsequently, the group’s other songs and performances were promoted.

Even before the song got introduced on Beats1, it was enjoyed by global fans. ‘Hate’ ranked within top 10 on iTunes charts in six Asian countries. Also, it secured the top place on V-chart of Yinyuetai, a Chinese video provider, for four consecutive days. Compared to the group’s previous song ‘Crazy’, the number of views for the song’s music video rose much faster.

Meanwhile, 4Minute will perform ‘Hate’ in KBS ‘Music Bank’ on February 5. (photo by CUBE Entertainment)

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