3 Best Items for This Spring to Look Prettier


[by Kim Min Soo] It is not an exaggeration to say ‘Being Pretty’ is all the women in the world truly wish for. Beauty is one of the elements that women want.

What should you do if you want to be pretty? Exercising for a slender figure or care for glowing skin is also essential, but most of all, the style change is the most important.

Especially when it comes to the spring season, it is better to lovely dress or a skirt that show off more femininity rather than jeans and T-shirts. Here are some of the best items to wear to be pretty this spring.

#Lovely one-piece dress

An So Hee is active as an actor after leaving the girl group, Wonder Girls. On February 21, she appeared at VIP premiere event as a starring actress in the movie ‘Single Rider’. She made use of pink color and created a lovely look. Particularly, the dress of the floral pattern doubled up to the youthful charm and completed the official appearance look.

[Editor Pick] One-piece dress is one of the items that make women look the most feminine. It is loved by men for the lovely and romantic charm. Also, be aware that smaller patterns created cuter look than large patterns.

#Pure and innocent, long skirt

On the other hand, Suzy, who was on her way to Italy for 17 F/W Milan Fashion Week, wore a long skirt to express his innocent charm. In addition, she completed feminine spring styling with matching black turtleneck T-shirts and beige long skirts with large embroideries.

[Editor Pick] Long skirt is an essential item for women every season. The mix match of bright colors and patterns completes the S/S look by itself. Suzy wore a turtleneck shirt, but creating a layered look with button down shirts is also a good look to create with long skirt.

# Mini skirt full of femininity

Recently, singer Se Jung, who participated in the production presentation of  ‘Get It Beauty 2017’, attracted attention by showing her feminine charm through the combination of white blouse and mini skirt. Especially, she added more points with a unique pattern and made it more sophisticated.

[Editor Pick] Among the skirts, denim skirts are always loved by women, regardless of the season. It is possible to utilize various styles of four seasons, and it is possible to match with any wardrobe to create any style. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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