2PM Taec Yeon and Jun Ho Travel Around Time


[by Ent Team] Beastdols 2PM heads off to the future.

On November 24, MBC will broadcast ‘Future Diary’ with 2PM members turning not into beast idols but into beast old men.

While looking for someone to embark with him for a time travel to the future, member Taec Yeon got depressed due to the numerous rejections he faced. He ended up signing a contract with Jun Ho, whose agenda is unclear, before setting off together.

In every situation, Jun Ho couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and confused, asking Taec Yeon, “I just followed you. Are you sure this is the time travel that we were looking for?” To which the older one replied, “It’s my first time too,” causing laughter around.

Also, 2PM is finally showing another side than its acrobatic performances that mesmerize the public during this time travel full of curiosity.

Meanwhile, MBC’s ‘Future Diary’ airs every Thursday at 11:10PM. (photo by MBC)

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